[Samba] Re: roaming profiles problem for new users

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri May 6 15:32:52 GMT 2005

fre, 06.05.2005 kl. 14.07 skrev Jon Wilson:

> I now have a test machine set up, with pretty much the defualt Mandrake 
> config (see below). My WinXP SP2 PC joins the TEST domain happily, and 
> has no profiles for this domain on it yet.
> I can authenticate fine as a normal user, but I cannot do anything sane 
> related to profiles. I just get "Cannot locate server copy of roaming 
> profile" followed by "Access Denied" and a temporary profile. If I have 
> a "Default User" profile under the netlogon share, this gets loaded into 
> the temporary profile, which is something I guess, but not really very 
> useful in terms of saving settings on exit.
> Does ANYONE have roaming profiles working under Samba 3.0.10, preferably 
> on Mandrake Linux with WinXP SP2 clients?

"Yes", he answered cautiously. Not 3.0.10, but I did begin with 3.0.7
and they worked there, they also still work with 3.0.14a. And my distro
is Red Hat RHAS3, not Mandrake. But such is immaterial.

>  I'm tearing my hair out here! 
> How can I find out what the "Access Denied" error is referring to?

Piece of advice. I hate computers. I hate everybody who has to do with
computers. I do nothing more than a modicum of work to get computers to
work for me. I f they don't work, they don't work, finito.

*UNTIL*  something fascinates me. Things that have fascinated me have
been Postfix MTA, Exim MTA, OpenLDAP, Shell, awk and sed scripting with
regexps, Courier IMAP, Red Hat OS - and lately Samba 3. Then I bloody
well sit down and say: I'm not giving up until I've read all the doco,
searched around and *forced* myself to learn the shit and make it work.
Mostly there is enough documentation freely available and mostly I can
solve my own problems by reading the doco.

So, roaming profiles work for me, because I've read, re-read and
murdered the Samba doco to death. It's all in there.  What of *extra*
possibilities isn't in there is available from commercial sites such as
www.nitrobit.com (where one can manipulate group policies to do
everything the MMC (described in the Samba doco) can do.

Not only that, but with the MMC group policy snapin one can do other
things that you haven't even begun to dream about yet.


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