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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri May 6 14:03:46 GMT 2005

fre, 06.05.2005 kl. 11.35 skrev pierrelaurent at neuf.fr:

> I've managed to install an ubuntu server as PDC, everything is working fine.
> However, i've got a few questions regarding profile ( M$ XP ) and unix accounts.
> 1. Roaming profile : I believed that when logging off a computer, user's profile was moved back to the server.  But i can still find one. 
> Is there anything to do for the profile not to be stored on pc ?

Yes, use group policy. How, you can find in the Samba docs using NT's
poledit utility, or by using the Nitrobit (www.nitrobit.com) tool. I use
Nitrobit's. You can keep the profiles on the server and never cache them
locally and never synchronize on log off, if you want. You have several
different choices.

The whole procedure is fairly complicated and since it's documented, I
won't repeat it here. With 

> 2. An account must be created for the PC to be added to the domain. ( COMPUTER$ )
>    Assuming we have 100 of them, what's the best way to create them automatically ?

It depends on how your Samba setup is configured. Mine's LDAP based. I
wrote a shell script that simply reads in a list of machines (there were
75+), writes an ldif for each machine to add a posixAccount/account to
LDAP, adds the ldif record and then calls smbpasswd to add the machine
to Samba.


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