[Samba] msdfs not working on netbios aliases?

Roland roland.schwarz at chello.at
Fri May 6 13:45:40 GMT 2005

I encountered strange behaviour of "msdfs" when using together
with "netbios aliases".

E.g I have in smb.conf:


netbios name = server
netbios aliases = server-oldname


host msdfs = Yes

	path = /var/samba/share1

	msdfs root = Yes
	msdfs proxy = \penguin\share2


 From a windows (XP) machine I can now see:

where share2 is succesfully redirected as a DFS to \\penguin\share2.

But when trying to connect via the aliased name to
only share1 is seen correctly.
share2 gives an error requesting me to check my permissions.

This behaviour however is not entirely persistent.
After rebboting my client, as long as having only one redirect proxy
sometimes I can see the aliased name correctly.

Has anyone else observed this behaviour?
Am I missing something important?

Any help appreciated.


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