[Samba] Tru64 unix version...

Joris De Pooter joris.de.pooter at atempo.com
Fri May 6 13:40:46 GMT 2005

the file is smb.conf and not smd.conf

Raghavendra S Chauhan (GR/EIL) a écrit :

>I did the same thing however after successful installation, I found that the smd.conf file was missing at the location /usr/local/samba/lib. Samba was installed on /usr/local/samba
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>I'm not aware of a current Samba binary for Tru64.  Your best option is to
>download the source and compile it yourself.  I have compiled it using gcc
>on Tru64 5.1B-2 without problems. 
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>>I want to use samba on Tru64 Unix. Can anybody let me know 
>>the location from where i can download this version.
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Joris De Pooter

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