[Samba] owner and group permission

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu May 5 09:19:30 GMT 2005

tor, 05.05.2005 kl. 03.17 skrev Joey Esquibal:

> Thanks for the reply. Actually, the gidNumber 1064 from my samba server 
> was the group who are allowed the access the shared folder. Originally 
> the owner was actually root and that the bases of my sharing of every 
> folder was the group. If I have the group allowed to read, write and 
> execute then there shouldn't be no problem even if the owner is root. 
> However, when one user saves his file then he will be the owner of that 
> file and that I am forcing the group to be for example 1064 to allow 
> other members of the group to view or edit the file.
> I am also using LDAP as my main database for SAM and then using the 
> smbpasswd database to authenticate each user.
> As you can see from the RH7.3 permissions, the "owner" and "group" was 
> actually using the local account created from that machine. Mandrake 
> does not do the same behaviour as the RH7.3 and RH9. I think this has 
> something to do with smbclient but I need to confirm this with you "the 
> experts" :-)

I'm no Samba expert, I'm a newbie. I do know a thing or two about
site-wide authentication, though, which is what my post was about. I
suspect that what you want has nothing to do with smbclient, but rather
making sure that the Mandrake and Knoppix client servers know who owns
the files/directories. If you're using LDAP for your user database, this
should be simple enough? Or not? There's no way the client machines can
know what's in /etc/passwd on the server.


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