[Samba] OS X Finder can't write to [Homes]

Lance Levsen lance at catprint.ca
Wed May 4 18:31:12 GMT 2005

Hey all.

In our network, we have a Debian GNU/Linux Samba 3.0.14 server running.
We don't have any problems with Windows accessing any of the shares,
[homes], however, the finder in Mac OS X can't write to the [homes] share.
OS X has no problem writing to the other shares, just [homes].

I've changed perms on the directory all the way to 0777. I've changed
the smb.conf options to match the other shares, no luck. The Command-K
works correctly, and an OS X command line 'cp' to the /Volumes/ mount point
works correctly. A 'df' shows the proper username and server
for the mount point.

It's seems to be only a Finder copy. It will create the file, but error
out and leave it at 0 bytes.

Does anyone recognize this?


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