[Samba] the profiles keeps mapping!

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Wed May 4 15:34:43 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:

>>> Im doing this. The profile is mapped even if i use the "net use drive:
>>> /delete". Even if i set another share to map to this drive letter! I
>>> need the profile share because im using roaming profiles.
>> Keep in mind, that even if you do a net use drive: /delete, the 
>> Explorer will still show the drive mapping from it's cache, and won't 
>> remove it automatically. Windows cache's drive mappings across 
>> reboots, even if you have told it to remove them. It won't stop 
>> attempting to connect until you click the don't map this drive 
>> anymore option on a reboot "failed" to connect startup. So to truly 
>> get rid of a drive mapping is a pain, at least in 2k and up.   I have 
>> drive mappings show up in "My Network Places" for shares that haven't 
>> existed in two years, nor have they been connected to.
> I have to disagree with this.  I do a /delete on every drive that I 
> use anywhere in our company for group based mappings, regardless of if 
> the user is in that group or not and people are constantly complaining 
> about their custom drive mappings disappearing.  Why they don't listen 
> to us and not use those letters is a different issue, but the fact is 
> that the /delete works.
> Now in my config, I have the home directory mapped to H: and if you 
> try to delete that it throws all sorts of fits.
> I have yet to see a (complete) smb.conf or a logon script in this 
> thread.  There are at least a couple of places where things can get 
> mapped automatically, and a few things default if you don't have 
> explicit entries.

My config is a little complicated because i use some terminal servers in 
windows 2003 and a samba pdc to validate the users of this terminal servers.

Every single machine is diskless so this is why i use terminal server.

When my users start the machine, they get my tuned ltsp from the network 
and automatically conects to some terminal server. They log in and then 
they to this ugly thing of the remote profiles... then i "mount" every 
share, like H: for the home of the user... P: for a public share, and S: 
for a share of some restricted users.

The mistery is that i have this share of the remote profile mapped on 
the unit i asign on the "logon drive" and if i don't set any drive in 
this parameter i get the Z: drive!!! this sucks, becouse i don't want my 
users to see the profile stored on the samba!

Any ideas?

Sorry for my english... i never study.

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