[Samba] Mirrored samba servers.

Thomas Widhalm newsjester at yahoo.de
Wed May 4 14:41:46 GMT 2005

> The problem is he has an ata system.  If we went with a raid, we would 
> want a 0,1 raid. striped with mirroring and I can't find a raid ata card 
> to do that.

I don't know, what performance is needed by your client, but you could
use 4 ATA drives and build one RAID5 out of them with the Linux
Software- Raid feature. (Remember the / has to be on a Raid 1 Partition
in that case, because Linux can't boot from Raid 5)

Sorry, if my answer is a silly one, but I'm just trying to get into
system administration and I am not very experienced.

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