[Samba] Directories and group permissions

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue May 3 18:16:39 GMT 2005

tir, 03.05.2005 kl. 19.52 skrev ljerem at fi.uba.ar:

> mmmm... I feared that. Any document you recommend? Do I have to rebuild
> the kernel or can I just patch it?

RHAS3, here. You don't have to touch the kernel. POSIX ACLs have been
supported for the last couple of hundred years.

You have to make sure Samba is compiled for them. I have to add
"--with-acl-support \" to the srpm spec file that I extract from the
Samba Red Hat srpm and use for 'rpmbuild -bb'. Since I have to build my
own Samba.

Then I have to modify any Samba partition I want to support ACL by
adding ",acl,user_xattr" to column 4 of /etc/fstab for that partition,
and rebooting.

The RH sysadmin docs are clear enough about POSIX ACLs, they could go
deeper, though.


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