[Samba] browsing list of nmb not correctly updated

Detlef Grittner detlef.grittner at t-online.de
Sun May 1 01:46:06 GMT 2005

I have set up a network of two Linux machines, which communicate with
Samba and nmb, as if they were Windows clients in a peer to peer network
That is both machines have a Samba server and a client.
Nmb is active as well and both machines have "preferred master" set to
"auto" and "local master" to yes.

This worked with older Samba versions, but with Samba version 3.0.13 I
run into problems.
Now the master browser on the network only knows about himself.
That is only the netbios name of the local machine is in the browsing
list, if this machine is the master browser.
So I can see only one machine in my network of two Linux machines
instead of two and only the Linux machine with master browser is the
visible one.

If I plug in a third machine running on Windows XP and it becomes the
master browser, then all three machines are visible in the Workgroup.

Where shall I begin to look into the problem of my two Linux machines?


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