[Samba] Profiles permissions

RNuno glist at moonlight.pt
Thu Mar 31 17:09:09 GMT 2005

Hi list,

Maybe this is a simple filesystem question.. but here it goes.

We have a samba-3.0.12 + LDAP domain, today a profile of mine got borked
it just stands there like it was loading but it freezes, I went to the
server and deleted the profile dir and on the workstation to start a new 

It worked as expected but now I see it was created with diferent perms 
on 3.0.12
that with 3.0.10 ?

This is what I get:

drwx------  16 Administrator Domain Admins 4096 Mar 31 17:48 Administrator
drwx------  17 amartins      Domain Users  4096 Mar 31 17:59 amartins
drwx------+ 13 dpereira      Domain Users  4096 Mar 31 18:01 dpereira

dpereira is the new profile, was there any changes? what is this + sign?

-- RNuno

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