[Samba] Re: Windows XP & greyed-out Guest user password prompt

Jules Agee julesa at pcf.com
Thu Mar 31 01:33:45 GMT 2005

Tom Schaefer wrote:
> It is because you are using
> security = share
> which is emulating the old Win9x way of sharing where the username is
> irrelevant, which is why XP just sets it to guest and greys it out, and
> all that matters is knowing the password to the particular share. 
> Share a folder from Win9x using the type of sharing where you set a
> password to access a folder and then access it from XP.  You'll see the
> same thing - greyed out guest.
> Tom Schaefer

I'm sure you're right. But I'm stuck using security=share, and Windows 
2000 clients behave just fine with the exact same server and the same 
shares, prompting the user for a username *and* password if using the 
local system authentication data fails.

Right now, the only idea I have is to force people to use the same 
username and password on their local config as in our ldap database, and 
train them to keep the info in sync themselves. Setting up a domain 
server isn't an option.

Thanks for your time!

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