[Samba] Re: domain admins group in samba 3.0.7 question

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Mar 29 18:30:24 GMT 2005

Jim C.:

> | Why in gods name would you do that?  The net groupmap add command is
> | used to configure the windows group <=> unixgroup mapping, much like the
>  | username map works.  You add users to the ntgroup by adding them to
> the | aforementioned unixgroup.
> Well, that's what I get for indiscriminate cut and paste. Right?;-)
> I'll clarify.  I meant the net command on the windows side. It should
> accomplish more or less the same thing when applied to the local machine
> via a logon script right?  The parameters would have to be different, of
> course. My bad. Sorry.

The net command on Windows workstations often doesn't have the same
possibilities as it does on a Samba PDC. The command should be run on a
Samba PDC, not the Windows workstation. It is then "once and for all".

> If there is a better tool, ("net use" perhaps?) I am interested in
> knowing. I've no idea how to resolve the password issue (I assume there is
> one) for example.

Following the Samba "HOWTOs" from A to Z is the best alternative. Once
you've learned every possibility by heart (take you a month or six ;)
you're good to go.


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