[Samba] file transfer - samba3 - suse9.1pro

Serge Naggar naggar at sprintmail.com
Sat Mar 26 00:39:27 GMT 2005

I am puzzled by the behaviour when I try to transfer files between the
two computers on this small lan.
ComputerA has an /orb unit attached to it [removable 2.2 gb hd] onto
which I had written the latest .rpms for suse9.1
I had updated computerA with the rpms and wanted to do the same with
computerB but without moving the orb drive - leaving it connected to

I added to computerA fstab:
scn.snj:/orb	/mnt/orb smbfs	acl,user_xattr 0 0

ComputerB `sees' the files as /orb but I cannot fully transfer them.
Only about 330kb gets transferred so of course YAST cannot do its job.

I need help?!

Serge [Naggar Consulting]

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