[Samba] Can't get local sid any more, ldap backend

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Thu Mar 24 13:32:23 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 08:23 -0500, Ted Kaczmarek wrote:
> openldap-2.2.13-2
> samba-3.0.11-5
> I am having a problem with trying "net getlocalsid"
> [root at groupware tmp]# net getlocalsid
> [2005/03/24 07:50:06, 0] utils/net.c:net_getlocalsid(494)
>   Can't fetch domain SID for name: GROUPWARE
> This happened after setting up an ldap backend,I do have the sid id from
> before adding the backend but can't find anything anywhere on any lists
> with same problem, my DIT does have a sambaDomain object, and slapcat
> dump does appear to have the SID entries. Debuuging slapd I am getting
> this error, will try OpenLdap list as well.
> do_bind: version=3 dn="cn=Manager,ou=Users,ou=OxObjects,dc=test,dc=com"
> method=128
> ==> bdb_bind: dn: cn=Manager,ou=Users,ou=OxObjects,dc=test,dc=com
> bdb_dn2entry("cn=manager,ou=users,ou=oxobjects,dc=test,dc=com")
> => bdb_dn2id( "cn=manager,ou=users,ou=oxobjects,dc=test,dc=com" )
> <= bdb_dn2id: get failed: DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found
> (-30990)
> send_ldap_result: conn=14 op=0 p=3
> send_ldap_result: err=49 matched="" text=""
> send_ldap_response: msgid=1 tag=97 err=49


you need to fix that - I doubt much of anything is working for


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