[Samba] Deny access of a defined account logging in from special machines

DuiOber at netscape.net DuiOber at netscape.net
Thu Mar 24 12:13:05 GMT 2005

Hallo list,
I want to migrate from an old NT-domain to samba (version 3). In the NT-domain it was possible to prohibit that a special user could log in from every host of the domain. You could specify from which computers this account was able to authenticate against the domain controller.
account rainer
computer A, B, C, D
Login of rainer from A to the PDC: allowed
Login of rainer from B to the PDC: allowed
Login of rainer from c to the PDC: denied
Login of rainer from D to the PDC: denied

I wish to implement this feature also in the new samba-domain. I tried to use "root preexec" and a self-made script to achieve this, but without success.

Please give me an advice. Perhaps there are already examplescripts you can hand me over.


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