[Samba] acl et nfs

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Thu Mar 24 11:01:47 GMT 2005


i have a problem with permission on a share mounted threw NFS
i have a shared section like below

     path = /samba/admin/services/juridique
    writeable = yes
    directory mask = 2770
    create mask = 0770
    valid users = @JURIDIQUE, at INFORMATIQUE
    inherit acls = yes
    browseable = no

if a member of JURIDIQUE creates a folder or file it has the rights :
      drwxrws---+ xxxx  JURIDIQUE
      -rwxrwx---+ xxxx  JURIDIQUE

this share is mounted threw nfs on another server, if then a member of 
INFORMATIQUE creates à folder it has the rights
     drwxr-s---+.yyyy JURIDIQUE
    -rwxr--r--+   yyyy JURIDIQUE
 There is the problem : a member of JURIDIQUE can no more delete the 
directories or files.
I would like to have files and directories created like :
        drwxrws---+ yyyy JURIDIQUE
        -rwxrwx---+ yyyy JURIDIQUE
I put the following ACL on directorie 'juridique' :
   setfacl -R -m  default:group:informatique:rwx juridique
   setfacl -R -m g:informatique:rwx juridique

Does someone have  a solution ?

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