[Samba] Nb of copies don't appear in page_log file

Norbert Gomes norbert.gomes at orleans-tours.iufm.fr
Wed Mar 23 15:10:52 GMT 2005


I am currently using Samba 3.0.11 and Cups 1.1.23 with Windows 
PostScript drivers and manufacturer PPDs on WinXP clients.

When I print multiples copies of a document from a Windows XP box, the 
number of copies appearing in the Cups "page_log" file always takes the 
"1" value but the printer prints the correct number of copies. When I do 
the same on Linux (with the lpr command), the number of copies appearing 
in the log is correct.

When I take a look in the "error_log" file, I see the following line :

StartJob: argv = "hp6mp","30","ngomes","smbprn.00000069 test - 

That's for the document printed from Windows. And for the document 
printed directly from Linux I see :

StartJob: argv = 

So, the number of copies is not transmitted by the same method if the 
document is printed from Linux or Windows. This number seems to be 
included in the PostScript file sent by Windows (%%BeginNonPPDFeature: 
NumCopies 3) but is not interpreted by the Cups accounting method (the 
file is filtered by the "pstops" filter).

Is there a method for getting the right number of copies in the 
"page_log" file when the job is sent from Windows ?

Thank you

Norbert Gomes

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