[Samba] XP and print admin

Christopher Fogarty chris.fogarty at 221bbakerstreet.net
Wed Mar 23 15:08:46 GMT 2005

Curently I have samba configured as this....

  guest account = samba
  printer admin = samba

Ideally we would like to use user level security and have a group in our
ad server of printer admins. However, we have a problem that has forced us
to abondon that scheme. When we used user authentication, and users were
forced to change their passwords every 8 weeks (SOX policy), they were
getting locked out. I suspect this was due to the fact that samba cached
their log in creds or something like that, and AD saw that as a violation
and locked them out.

So I switched to share, and set the guest user to samba and the printer
admin to samba. This gives our users the ability to admin the printers
(not a great feeling). However, we just deployed a number of xp machines,
and this scheme does not work. If I log in on a win2k machine I can get
printer properties, select the advanced tab, and select the new driver
button and add a driver. However, when I log into xp this New Driver
button is greyed out...

Any help would be appreciated.

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