[Samba] ADS member.

Bruce Hohl brucehohl at access-4-free.com
Wed Mar 23 00:14:56 GMT 2005

> I have follow an example in "samba-3 by example book",
> where it explain how to relocate a samba server as ADS
> member domain, in a sentence it said to delete all
> /var/lib/samba/*tdb files, so "winbindd_cache.tdb" and
> "winbind_idmap.tdb" files but when I start the samba
> server again in ADS new domain something's wrong. Because
> it is not able to map the same UID and GID as before, I
> don't use any id_map backend but only retrive users and
> group by winbind.
> Fortunately I have made a backup copy of tdb files so I
> can copy them over. How it doesn't work, it is normal?
> Thanks a lot.
> Marco.  
> -- 
You may find the infomation at the following link useful:
See topics:
Domain Member Server or Domain Member Client
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