[Samba] permission mix-up happening

Banibrata Dutta banibrata.dutta at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 08:32:36 GMT 2005


Presently I am facing a problem configuring our new SAMBA based file-server.
Previously we used my workstation as a fileserver for our team (of
about 12 users). Recently I moved all that stuff to a machine running
Mandrak 10.1 Official (IA32). The way I configured samba is as follows
(from smb.conf):

  workgroup = ASIAPACIFIC
  netbios name = ocscfs
  security = user
  encrypt passwords = yes
  dns proxy = no

   comment = USC-REPOSITORY
   path = /home/USC-REPOSITORY
   browseable = yes
   writable = yes

I've copied the entire repository of info. from Win2000 machine (old
Server) to /home/USC-REPOSITORY (on this server), as "root/root". I've
created the unix user id's for all 12 users, with their shell as
/usr/bin/false, as recommended in a SAMBA tutorial. Now what happens
is that all 12 of us are able to connect, and able to access all files
in READ-ONLY mode, but not able to write/change anything. So what I
did was did a # chown - R guest:users /home/USC-REPOSITORY # find
/home/USC-REPOSITORY -type d -print | xargs chmod 777 # find
/home/USC-REPOSITORY -type f -print | xargs chmod 666 i..e. all
directories have rwx & all files have rw- permissions, and owner for
everything is "guest:users". Note that all other 12 users also have
group-id="users" and "guest" is the 13th user with exactly same
properties as other users.

Now I am still able to read everything and browse thru all
directories, but when I see the "Properties->Security" of the
directories and files from within the Win2K-Pro or WinXP-Pro clients,
it show no-permission to "Everyone" or anyone!! So basically we can
neither edit/create/delete files/directories, nor change their

Could someone suggest as to how we can configure SAMBA and the files
in the repository s.t. everyone is able to create files/directories,
edit/delete them, and maybe even change Security settings for the

Thanks & regards,

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