[Samba] I think I have found the problem, now whats the solution?

Phil Foxton pfoxton at ebuyer.com
Mon Mar 21 08:43:08 GMT 2005

I am trying to setup a Debian Sarge box as a file/print server for a
Win2k3 AD.  The linux box can join the AD domain (using kinit
administrator at EBUYER.SHE then net ads join)

A wbinfo -u gives me "error retreive user list"
A wbinfo -g just list the groups in the "BUILTIN" object on the 2k3
A wbinfo --sequence gives me :

Now, as far as I can tell winbind is trying to use the BUILTIN group and
not the actual domain for it's groups and users.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, or if I am correct how do I force
winbindd to look at the right groups and users?

Phil Foxton
Systems Administrator
Ebuyer (UK) Ltd
201 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LR

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