[Samba] srvtools (Usrmgr.exe) : strange problem

Hansjörg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at itsd.de
Sun Mar 20 10:49:14 GMT 2005


I am not sure, but I think that windows does not support users und 
groups with the same name (joe-joe)
Trie to rename the group joe to e.g. joegroup and it will work.



Olivier Rochefort wrote:

> Hello everybody. I have noted a strange problem when using Usrmgr.exe 
> (from srvtools). The problem arise when a net groupmap is done on a 
> group for which a user exist with the same name that the specified 
> unixgroup. For example, lets say that I have the following UNIX user 
> and group create on my Samba server :
> joe (in /etc/group)
> joe (in /etc/passwd)
> Now I create the following map :
> net groupmap add ntgroup="Joe Smith" unixgroup=joe type=domain
> Now if I start Usrmgr.exe and I check the user joe I can see the group 
> "Joe Smith" and others groups. If I try to remove the group "Joe 
> Smith" then Usrmgr.exe popup a message "Access denied". What is 
> strange is that if I check /etc/group I can see that the command has 
> succeed because user joe is no longer member of the group joe. Still 
> that if I look back to Usrmgr.exe, user joe is still a member of group 
> "Joe Smith" even if it's not the case in /etc/group. Anyone can bring 
> some clarifications about that?

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