[Samba] mapping groups

Stephen Constable sconstable at bradford.library.on.ca
Sat Mar 19 15:29:45 GMT 2005


I am having problems mapping my windows groups to my Linux groups.  I 
use the net groupmap tool.  When I list the group mappings I see that 
/Domain Users/ is mapped to the group /users/ (there are two entries 
with two different SIDs and well)/.  /I log on to my windows XP pro 
machine as administrator and added Domain Users to the Power Users group 
and deleted it from the Users group.  When a member of the /users/ group 
logs in they have no wallpaper, their links are missing, they cannot 
change their homepage, and other such problems.  However the same 
situation is true with the /Domain Admins/ group and my /adm/ unix 
group.  They work perfectly.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem 
could be? 

Thank you,
Steve C

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