[Samba] Migrating Samba and Users to another Fedora 3 box

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri Mar 18 14:52:55 GMT 2005

You will also need /etc/shadow for the shadow passwords.  I would copy 
over /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow first so the user accounts are there.  
Then you can either use rsync (a variation of rsync -avz -e ssh 
--progress old_server_ip:/home /home may work on the new server) or you 
can go to /home and du -shc *|grep G and see who has the largest home 
dirs (you may need grep M instead of G) and then scp -arR /home/user 
new_Server_ip:/home and then chown -R username /home/username on the new 
server for a few of the largest home dirs, and then delete them from the 
old server to give you some space, and then tar -jcvf  users.tar.bz2 
/home/* and then scp it over to /home on the new server and extract it.

Aaron Reimann wrote:

>I am planning on going from a 36-gig Raid-1 box to an 250-gig Raid-1
>(ide) box.  The current server is Fedora Core 3 and the new one will
>also be Fedora Core 3.  This box is only used for Samba (file sharing
>and printer sharing).  The system works great, I just need more space.
>So, could someone please help me out with moving user info and /home
>directory to the new box?  Here are some of the things I am assuming I
>will need to keep me from recreating users and what not:
>/etc/passwd - for system users
>/etc/samba/smb.conf - my config
>/etc/samba/smbusers - samba user info
>/home - all user dirs and public shares are in here
>Is that it?
>Also, this might be the wrong place for this, but...I can't do a
>tar.gz of the home directory due to the fact that the drive is almost
>full.  I need to make a tar.gz put | it to the new box via scp.  I
>have seen it done before, can anyone point me in the right direction
>for a how-to?
>Thank you,

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