[Samba] HELP !!! migrating from win2000 pdc to linux pdc

Phil Dawson phil.dawson at gedys.co.uk
Thu Mar 17 12:47:55 GMT 2005


I did remove the windows PDC from the network by way of switching it off. 
Something occurred to me, if the windows xp box has LOGONSERVER=//TESTPDC 
then is it possible to fix this problem by changing the netbios name of 
LINUXPDC to TESTPDC.  That way win xp boxes would point to the new server 
and not know any difference.  Obviously I'd have to change the DNS etc to 
make sure.

Process is:

Join Samba machine to PDC as Domain Controller
Migrate from old PDC to Samba PDC
Check everything was ok
Take old PDC off network
Make Samba box to PDC ( Domain Master = Yes )
Change netbios name of Samba PDC from LINUXPDC to TESTPDC
Change DNS, lmhosts, hosts  ( we make sure by changing all :-)   )
Bring up Samba PDC
Check can log on from win xp box

Question is, would this break any trusts?
Anyone done this before?



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Re: [Samba] HELP !!! migrating from win2000 pdc to linux pdc

On Thursday 17 March 2005 10:32, Phil Dawson wrote:
> John,
> In my original port I said
> quote: "changed linuxpdc to be domain master"
> I wrote to mean "changed linuxpdc to be ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC".  Sorry if I 
> didn't make myself clear.  I did test with testparm before trying to log 

> on.  Everything looked ok.  Again, it didn't work.  What I have tried 
> since is to take the winxp box out of the domain and re-join it to the 
> domain when linuxpdc is the PDC.  Now when I log on and run the set 
> command is see LOGONSERVER=//LINUXPDC which is what I was expecting 
> originally.  Still having problems getting logon.bat to run when logging 

> on.  Will have a look at this today.  I'm also going through the logs 
> settings/password files etc to see if I can spot any differences.

Did you remove former Windows PDC box from the network?
(By powering it off or unplugging network cable)

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