[Samba] HELP !!! migrating from win2000 pdc to linux pdc

Denis Vlasenko vda at port.imtp.ilyichevsk.odessa.ua
Thu Mar 17 10:27:30 GMT 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 10:32, Phil Dawson wrote:
> John,
> In my original port I said
> quote: "changed linuxpdc to be domain master"
> I wrote to mean "changed linuxpdc to be ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC".  Sorry if I 
> didn't make myself clear.  I did test with testparm before trying to log 
> on.  Everything looked ok.  Again, it didn't work.  What I have tried 
> since is to take the winxp box out of the domain and re-join it to the 
> domain when linuxpdc is the PDC.  Now when I log on and run the set 
> command is see LOGONSERVER=//LINUXPDC which is what I was expecting 
> originally.  Still having problems getting logon.bat to run when logging 
> on.  Will have a look at this today.  I'm also going through the logs and 
> settings/password files etc to see if I can spot any differences.

Did you remove former Windows PDC box from the network?
(By powering it off or unplugging network cable)

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