[Samba] New HP Printer Drivers wont upload (samba 3.0.11)

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Mar 15 14:34:10 GMT 2005

Phil Burrow wrote:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Here's the link to the Windows 2000/XP PCL6 driver for the LaserJet 4250TN:
> ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software4/COL9171/lj-24660-2/lj4250_4350pcl6win2kxps2003-en.exe 

If you can take a look at this one too:

Under samba 2.2.8 didn't upload at all, under 3.0.10 I could install it 
fine but then it would bomb windows explorer right after installation 
and afterwards it would cause a windows exception as soon as I tried to 
access the printer properties (so making uninstallation impossible 
through windows, had to use rpcclient), a rough translation of the error 
message is "The function at 0x604b132 caused a protection fault 
(excepion code 0xc0000005)".
I tried with 3.0.11 and it doesn't install (though it still bombs 
windows if I select the older instance of the driver still on the server).
In the meantime I solved the problem by using the cups driver (adobe 
actually, since the cups one bombs out due to some long property name).

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