[Samba] New HP Printer Drivers wont upload (samba 3.0.11)

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Mar 15 07:37:36 GMT 2005

Phil Burrow wrote:

> Is there a fix? Is it just that HP's new drivers don't work with Samba? 

Yes, probably. The only printers that gives me problems here are hp 
printers. Other printers we have here gave me no problem at all.
For a deskjet 5800 I had to use the linux driver (foomatic/hpijs) and 
load the adobe ps driver, its windows driver would upload fine (in samba 
3.0.10, the same error as you with samba 2.2.8) but then give plenty of 
exceptions on the windows client (to the point that I had *no* way to 
access the printer or remove it: I had to do it on the server using 


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