[Samba] PGina & Samba

Chuck Stuettgen cstuettgen at myrealbox.com
Fri Mar 11 02:23:29 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 21:37 -0500, Paul Barnick wrote:
> Chuck:
> You're the second person to suggest vmware workstation to me.  It is a
> little expensive for me but I'll look into it (it might be worth it if it
> saves me time in the long run - that's how I'll get my boss to look at it!).

Not only will it save you time, it will save him a lot on money. $199
for VMware and $200-300 (or less if you already have 1GB) for 2GB of
memory for your computer is significantly less than buying 3 or 4
machines for you to use for testing.  With 2GB of memory and a
reasonably fast processor you can run 4 Virtual Machines simultaneously
and still use the Host. 

If you have a laptop and can get him to spring for the memory for it you
can take it home to work on projects.

If you are like me, there never is any time to do testing while I'm at
the office anyway, so, I get most of my testing and evaluation done at

> Does it allow you to use the Linux portion of your computer to act as a DHCP
> server and assign different IP addresses to the different windows
> workstations, all on the same computer?  That sounds a little hard to
> believe for me, but I would think that it would be necessary in order to do
> some testing.

VMWare includes it own DHCP server. Also there are three different ways
of setting up Networking with VMWare so you have a lot of options. 

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