[Samba] Permissions (ACLs not inherited?)

Bolke de Bruin bdbruin at aub.nl
Thu Mar 10 23:14:07 GMT 2005


This might be a classic problem, bit I seem unable to find a solution to it.
Before I elaborate on the problem I first give you the relevant bits of 
my smb.conf:

    map acl inherit = Yes

        comment = City Marketing
        path = /var/samba/Aub/City Marketing
        read only = No

As you can see I am using acls. Now when a user saves a new file or 
overwrites an old file, the acls of the parent do not seem to get 
inherited: the user gets all the permission and resets all rights for 
the group so disabling editing by the group.

What should I change to resolve this?



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