[Samba] Transport endpoint is not connected

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Mar 7 18:39:15 GMT 2005

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Daniel Pavel wrote:

| I've seen this issue come up over and over on the mailing list, and yet
| never make it in the FAQ.  At some point I've slammed into it as well,
| and had to solve it.
| Don't exactly remember where I've found the solution, but it goes
| something like this:
| Windows (XP?) tries to connect on both ports 139 and 445, not knowing
| what SMB version the remote machine supports.   When it makes a
| successful connection on one of the ports (139), it drops the other, and
| samba gets noisy about it.

It normally drops the connection to port 139.

| It you have a mixed windows environment (XP's, and older ones), you
| might need both ports open.  But if you only have XP's, you can safely
| put a
|     smb ports = 139
| in your samba.conf file, and the useless messages will dissapear.  Even
| if you have a mixed environment, you should probably try this and see
| how it goes.
| I am quite sure I got the actual technical details rather wrong -- I've
| read about this a long time ago, so please, somebody correct me.
| However, I am also quite sure the solution works :).

Your explanation was pretty much spot on.

cheers, jerry
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