[Samba] Transport endpoint is not connected

Daniel Pavel apavel at softwin.ro
Mon Mar 7 08:45:35 GMT 2005


I've seen this issue come up over and over on the mailing list, and yet 
never make it in the FAQ.  At some point I've slammed into it as well, 
and had to solve it.

Don't exactly remember where I've found the solution, but it goes 
something like this:

Windows (XP?) tries to connect on both ports 139 and 445, not knowing 
what SMB version the remote machine supports.   When it makes a 
successful connection on one of the ports (139), it drops the other, and 
samba gets noisy about it.

It you have a mixed windows environment (XP's, and older ones), you 
might need both ports open.  But if you only have XP's, you can safely put a
	smb ports = 139
in your samba.conf file, and the useless messages will dissapear.  Even 
if you have a mixed environment, you should probably try this and see 
how it goes.

I am quite sure I got the actual technical details rather wrong -- I've 
read about this a long time ago, so please, somebody correct me. 
However, I am also quite sure the solution works :).


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