[Samba] Extremely slow during browsing some directories

Linwei Cheng hcheng at sjgeophysics.com
Fri Mar 4 01:35:54 GMT 2005

I disabled the web client service on my computer, but it does no good. ( 
There are also other sharing folders from windows machinces on my network, 
but I didn't suffer the same problem from those windows sharings...). And I 
also tried to work on the samba server machine locally using smbclient, and 
it seems no this kind of issue....

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> Linwei Cheng wrote:
>> hi,
>> I am quite new on using Samba and sorry maybe ask a silly question here. 
>> I set up simple Samba server on Fedora3 using the samba rpm package comes 
>> with fedora3( version 3.0.10-1.fc3). I use the SHARE security level to 
>> make things easier. Everything goes fine so far, except that for some 
>> windows user, some times, on browsing some directories, it takes 
>> extremely long time to display the folders/files list. This seems weird 
>> because it happened radomly: sometimes for the same user, same machine 
>> and browse same directory, it works quickly, but sometimes it take about 
>> a minute to get the response from server. What's the possibilities for 
>> this issue? Deperately need help.
> Try turning off the "webclient" service on the windows client machines.
> --J(K) 

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