[Samba] Building two redundant servers without clustering

Mitch (WebCob) mitch at webcob.com
Wed Mar 2 17:27:29 GMT 2005

> > at the moment i'm using rsync twice a day to sync about 2TB amount of
> > data between two hardware raids (both raid5 with 2 hot spare)
> > disadvantage: because analyzing data to sync by rsync takes time it's
> > senseless to sync every our so you have no realtime backup (only 12h
> before)
> >
[Mitch says:] Not sure about your setup, but with mine, I found that more
frequent rsyncs resulted in much faster performance... depends on the number
of files that are modified - with a little planning maybe you could segment
your rsyncs and hit the stuff that is more frequently changed every hour...

As an example, in one test a daily rsync took over 20 minutes, while the
rsync hourly took only 2 minutes... sure it adds up to more time in total to
rsync more often, but if the systems can handle the load...


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