[Samba] Building two redundant servers without clustering

Greg Freemyer greg.freemyer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:19:11 GMT 2005

On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 10:33:34 +0100, Michael Gasch wrote:
> hi,
> well, i was also wondering how to build up a very redundant solution for
> my samba installations
> at the moment i'm using rsync twice a day to sync about 2TB amount of
> data between two hardware raids (both raid5 with 2 hot spare)
> advantage: if filesystem is corrupt on one raid, the other raid is
> normaly not affected
> disadvantage: because analyzing data to sync by rsync takes time it's
> senseless to sync every our so you have no realtime backup (only 12h before)
> how do you avoid this filesystem issue with drbd? doing rsync every
> night seperatly? i don't know of statistics about filesystem damages
> cheerz

DRBD would not help this problem.  As you say the filesystem
corruption would immediately be duplicated to the alternate server.

OTOH a good journelled filesystem combined with dual-power supplies
and dual ups's should have a very high relaibility rate.  EXT3 seems
to get mentioned as the most reliable linux filesystem, so go with
that if reliability is your top concern.

Greg Freemyer

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