[Samba] MYOB Performance issues on Samba

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Mar 1 07:20:35 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-28 at 20:44 -0500, Lawrence Cruciana wrote:
> I am experiencing a performance issue with MYOB accounting package being 
> served from a Debian 2.4.18 based server running samba. Clients are 
> Win2K/WinXP clients in a small workgroup environment, all maping drive 
> to samba 'data' share. Network is pure TCP/IP, no other (MS or Samba) 
> servers on LAN.
> I've experimented with Oplocks and veto oplocks but to no result the 
> performance of the MYOB application on the client workstations remains 
> very poor whenever more than one user is connected.
> smbstatus returns an Oplock value of 'EXCLUSIVE + BATCH' when only 1 
> user connected  - when performance is OK.
> Whenever >1 user connected smbstatus returns an Oplock value of 'NONE' 
> for all MYOB related files (*.MYO, *.FLK)

This is expected behaviour for shared flat-file databases.

> Has anyone else experienced this or similar issue with MYOB?
> Any ideas?

It would be very interesting to host the DB on one of the WinXP clients,
and test for comparison.  If there is a difference, we can look into it,
otherwise it will be an issue for MYOB's vendor to sort out more

>         oplocks = Yes
>         level2 oplocks = Yes
> #       fake oplocks = Yes

Never, ever use 'fake oplocks' on real data.  That is a quick trip to
data corruption.

> #       veto oplock files = /*.myo/*.MYO/*.flk/*.FLK

This is a smarter idea, to mitigate the performance loss that occurs
exactly at the point that the second client connects (avoid the round-
trips to kill the oplocks by never granting them)

It also might be worth checking that you don't have a virus scanner
being a pain here.

Andrew Bartlett

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