[Samba] permissions modified on shared excel files

Tyler R. Retzlaff rtr at myinternet.com.au
Tue Mar 1 00:15:16 GMT 2005

Having difficulty with samba & permissions being changed when windows clients 
save files.

Initially files may be shared 0774 (e.g. some excel file) after it is opened 
and saved by a windows client the permissions are 0744.  Thus the next access 
by a group user cannot write the file.

No mask options are specified in the smb.conf so all defaults are being used.  
Is there a reason why the permissions are being changed when a file is saved?

Tyler R. Retzlaff <rtr at myinternet.com.au>
Operational Support Engineer
myinternet Limited http://www.myinternet.com.au/

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