[Samba] Samba interface for administrative tools

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jun 30 14:24:58 GMT 2005

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Beast wrote:

>> The XMLrpc piece would require both client and server piece.
> That just my bare example to use 'standard' protocol instead 
> of proprietary protocol.

Understood.  But if we document and implement the protocol
it becomes more open.  There are no IP issues that prevent
us from using MS-RPC.

>> But technically you would not need integration with smbd to
>> do this.  However, I've always found that when the external
> This can be implemented on separate (optional) server process 
> to handle this request (but no, not like swat)

True.  But consider the case where you are trying to manipulate
printer information or file share acls.  Then you either have to
manipulate the tdb entries directly from this process (bad idea)
or thunk down to passing it off to smbd.

What I'm proposing is to bypass the middle service and go
directly to smbd.  We can create a new management pipe if
existing rpc operations are not sufficient.

Like I said before though, my ideas are in the thought stage
as I work on other code.  If you want to test out some of your
ideas that would be great.

cheers, jerry
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