[Samba] Smbd processes out of control

Matt Lung matt.lung at midwest-tool.com
Wed Jun 29 14:00:01 GMT 2005

In the past few months we have seen a couple of our production servers 
crash that are running samba-3.0.14a-1.  What seems to happen is the 
smbd pid's seem to grow and grow until an out of memory error occurs and 
the smbd process just hangs.  A simple restart does not even clear out 
the pid's.  I end up rebooting to just clear it all out and start 
fresh.  It probably has happened at least once a month for the past 3 

We are running Fedora Core 3 with kernel-2.6.11-1.14.  We have turned 
off all unneeded services and have it running only what we need.  The 
main services this server provides is postgresql, and smb shares.   It 
is also doing hourly rsync of data to another server which momentarily 
hogs up all the cpu and memory a few minutes an hour.  The server is 
setup as a domain member authenticating to our PDC via LDAP.  One thing 
we continually see in our logwatch reports is that kernel leases are 
broken by samba pid's.  I don't know if that has something to do with it 
or not.  I do have kernel oplocks turned on. 

Hopefully someone else having similar problems or had similar problems 
can lend a helping hand.  This is really starting to get annoying since 
it is so random.  Any advice would be appreciated.


Matt Lung

Midwest Tool & Die, Corp.

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