[SAMBA] ActiveDomain Login problem

Molot molotster at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 20:37:44 GMT 2005

It's probably silly problem...
I've set up Domain Member Server with Samba Kerberos and all that stuff.
It is working correctly (almost) - I can login via ssh & sftp using
name inherited from domain, access shares that require authentication,
all that stuff. Primary Domain Controller is Windows 2003.

The "only" problem is that now it is impossible to login to a domain
on this machine if sitting at front of it. It asks for username, and
if it's a local account all is OK.
But if it is ad account, it asks two times. After the first time in
the logs I have "access granted" or "access denied" message with
domain name (I have all logs on tty12 so I know exactly what and when
is happening). No matter if I get access now or not, I'm asked about
password second time. Now no matter what I'm trying to put i have
"Login failed".
Server is now down, so I can't post logs nor config files, but it
looks like a very stupid problem I can't see just because it's to
close ;)

Advocatus Diaboli - someone should do this job.

some kind of Molot
some kind of monster ;)

jid:molot at mruk.net
alt mailto:molot at mruk.net

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