[Samba] small lan - novice

Serge Naggar naggar at sprintmail.com
Tue Jun 28 20:31:08 GMT 2005


John, thanks for replying.
I am fully aware that this is a volunteer effort and do appreciate it
very much. I really didn't expect an automatic answer - I was suggesting
an automatic response which could indicate the objection[s]?

I have downloaded the S3be `book' and ordered it from amazon.

I was puzzled by your comment:
	`Please do not refer to smbfs's friends as Samba. The tools 		smbmount,
smbumount, et al. are really part of the smbfs 		kernel 	driver package.
The user-space tools are shipped 		with Samba because they use common
libraries with Samba.'
but understand why your book the S3howto has little reference to the
fstab and smbfstab functions.

I was not bothered by the identical partition names as I felt they were
protected by the the machines differentiation: east & west.  However, a
friend who, I thought knew Samba, suggested that the identical names
were bound to confuse. It sounded plausible so I changed one of
machines' titles especially as the only share which worked was on `west'
/orb/ which did not exist on the `east' machine - so there could not be
a confusion in the name.

I have now gone back to the original same  titles for both machines and
will work with basic smbconfig files rather than let Suse's Yast
determine the file, which I did initially.

Thanks again for your comments.

Serge [Naggar Consulting]

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