[Samba] How to I change server=[Samba 3.04.14a-2] to somethin g else?

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Thu Jun 23 05:31:07 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 22 June 2005 22:53, Geoff Scott wrote:
> > It would be much nicer to see:
> > "Office on 'DataServer (roipdc)' (G:)"
> >
> > Heck I could even live with:
> > "Office on 'Samba (roipdc)' (G:)"
> > I personally do not see the need for end users to have the version
> > number announced to them to be honest.
> >
> > I was hoping there was a simple not well documented setting in
> > smb.conf that would be able to do this.  If not, I would personally
> > like to have that ability added.
> >
> > Anyone else care to comment or have any ideas?
> >
> > Gerry, thanks for the suggestion - I'll likely play around with it on
> > a non-production test machine sometime soon.  But I am always
> > hesitant to deploy a non-standard hack like this into a production
> > machine.
> >
> > Cheers.
> Perhaps the dev people are justifiably proud of what they have created.  So
> they want everyone to know what is running on the server.  But I agree with
> the original poster that it is annoying having to explain to my users what
> Samba is, what it does etc  Currently they look at me blankly when I say
> things like "have you mapped the network drive"  (just to give you an idea
> of my user populations IT knowledge!)

In your smb.conf [global] set:

	server string = MADMAX

That will stop display of the samba version info. You will have to clear the 
connection history from ALL Windows clients - they remember the old server 
string and do not refresh it.

- John T.

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