[Samba] Problem Connecting from Windows to Samba-OpenLDAP PDC

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Wed Jun 22 13:47:49 GMT 2005

Adam Gritt schrieb:
> As a matter of fact neither the user name nor machine are appearing
> when I do a getent.  However when I view the openldap settings via imc
> or webmin they do list the pc and username that were added so I guess
> I did miss something important.  I just don't know what at this point.

You might check these:

set "loglevel 256" in your /etc/openldap/slapd.conf - you will get some 
OpenLDAP logging.

Then restart OpenLDAP, see if the logs appear if you do some LDAP 
A handy way to clean this log is, while you "debug" your setup:

# >/var/log/ldap.log

(or other location with the log).

Do "getent passwd" and see OpenLDAP logs - you should see some entries? 
Are there any errors?

Do you have /etc/nsswitch.conf set properly? The passwd entry should 
look like below:

passwd: files ldap

What distribution are you running?
Some of them have an easy way for setting LDAP authentication.

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