[Samba] Slow logon with samba

Ross McInnes sysrm at stvincent.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 15:00:16 GMT 2005

Hi matt, thanks for the reply.

Whats very odd tho is why its started doing it all of a sudden.

Ive now upgraded it to latest samba, cleared all the tdb's down and its
still doing the odd thing of being really slow to logon / some times with
file access.

Though I will give that a try

Many thanks

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Hi Ross,

I have seen this one and even asked at a conference about it.  Check the
Windows box schannel settings and make certain they jibe with the ones in
your smb.conf.  I did this and saw a speed increase off the bat.  I make
certain client and server schannel is set to yes in Windows and Samba.


Ross McInnes wrote:

>Hi all.
>Everything has been running great, untill 2 weeks ago when I applied 
>redhat errata including a new kernel. (done it loads of times before)
>Rebooted and all seemed ok (it was half term for me, so maybe 20 users 
>in at the very most)
>It wasn't until last week people started to complain about how long it 
>was taking to log in. unfortunatly everytime I tried it went in straight
>The only way I can replicate this is thus;
>1st time logon in the morning, any username, takes between 2-3 mins to 
>If I log in again straight away it goes in fine.
>Also im getting curious errors and delays opening up files. Again not 
>all the time, but every now and then.
>Ive captured level 3 logs of when a user has logged on, what seems to 
>happen is all the initial connections happen, then nothing, for "a 
>while" then all of a sudden it lets them in, very very odd.
>Any help gratefully received.

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