[Samba] password aging in Samba 3

Kurt Bechstein kurt at uniqsys.com
Tue Jun 21 15:03:52 GMT 2005

Ok, I'm rigging myself up a Samba 3 PDC for a variety of Windows
clients.  Anything from 98 on up to XP and everything in between.  For
the most part it hasn't been a big deal.  I've got a couple of questions
I want to run by the list and see if anyone has figured this one out.  

My first question is about the [profiles] share.  Is this share really
needed?  The documentation never really comes out and says it.  I'm not
setting up roaming profiles so I'm assuming I won't need it.  

The next question is about password aging.  I have a client that would
like to have the user have to reset their password after 60 days.  I've
seen some inklings online of being able to do with pdbedit, but the
documentation seems non-existent at best on how to do this.  Maybe this
is also doable with a policy setup.  I haven't actually tried that one
yet so if that works just let me know and I'll dig into that.  Thanks in

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