[Samba] Domain login - XP 64 -> Samba

Brian Ruth brian at bigkitty.org
Fri Jun 17 22:55:41 GMT 2005

I've tried changing the following under parameters over the last couple 
of days:

Any other keys I should be looking at?

I'm beginning to wonder if Microsoft made some changes to the final copy 
of XP 64 and there is perhaps a new registry key hidden somewhere.


Dominic Iadicicco wrote:
> It probably has nothing to do with the 64 bit processer.  It sounds
> like there is somthing in the windows registry that not right,  You
> migh try messing with the different setting in
> HKLM\System\CurrnetControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters\
> Things like sealsecurechannel or signsecurechannel my need to be
> changed to a 0, also I know it should not make a difference you might
> also want to change requiresignalorseal .
> Good Luck
> On 6/17/05, Brian Ruth <brian at bigkitty.org> wrote:
>>I currently have samba setup as a file/login server. A variety of
>>clients running Windows 2000 and XP 32-bit authenticate normally without
>>any issues. I just brought up a Windows XP 64-bit box made the standard
>>group policy changes and joined the domain without any issues. When
>>attempting to login against the domain Windows returns "A remote
>>procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred".
>>The samba log for the client appears to indicate that the credentials
>>were correct. I have tried both versions 3.0.14a and
>>3.0.20pre1-SVN-build-766 with the exact same results.
>>The output from testparm:
>>Load smb config files from /usr/local/etc/smb.conf
>>Processing section "[homes]"
>>Processing section "[netlogon]"
>>Processing section "[mp3s]"
>>Processing section "[world]"
>>Processing section "[wwwroot]"
>>Processing section "[apps]"
>>Processing section "[mame]"
>>Processing section "[media]"
>>Processing section "[backup]"
>>Server's Role (logon server) NOT ADVISED with domain-level security
>>Loaded services file OK.
>>Server role: ROLE_DOMAIN_BDC
>>Press enter to see a dump of your service definitions
>>       workgroup = HOME
>>       interfaces = xl0
>>       security = DOMAIN
>>       log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
>>       time server = Yes
>>       logon script = logon.bat
>>       logon drive = u:
>>       logon home = \\panther\%U
>>       domain logons = Yes
>>       os level = 65
>>       preferred master = Yes
>>       domain master = Yes
>>       wins support = Yes
>>       invalid users = bin, daemon, sys, man, mail, ftp, alias, qmaill,
>>qmaild, qmailp, qmailq, qmailr, qmails, sshd, bind, uucp
>>       admin users = @wheel
>>       read only = No
>>       create mask = 0600
>>       directory mask = 0700
>>       path = /export/home/samba/netlogon
>>       admin users = brian
>>       browseable = No
>>       comment = Misc Share
>>       path = /world
>>       valid users = @samba
>>       read only = No
>>       comment = Applications
>>       path = /storage01/apps
>>       valid users = @samba
>>       read only = No
>>       comment = Media Share
>>       path = /storage01/media
>>       valid users = @samba
>>       read only = No
>>       comment = PC Backups
>>       path = /storage01/pc.backup
>>       valid users = @staff
>>       read only = No
>>It's interesting that the box can join the domain and successfully
>>connect to network shares - it just fails to authenticate. I'm probably
>>missing something obvious but a search of the list archives and the web
>>didn't produce any solutions.
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