[Samba] Solution to smbldap-tools not adding sambaSAMAccount

Ryan Braun ryan.braun at ec.gc.ca
Wed Jun 15 19:53:20 GMT 2005

Well I finally managed to get my machines added to my ldap/samba domain.

The problem was that I had defined an ou each for Computers and Users.  ie

	------	ou = Users
	------ ou = Computers	

Now the problem was that the nss_ldap library was searching in Users only,  
and apparently the samba server needs to be able to resolve the Computers 
tree aswell to add the sambaSAMAccount objectclass.

Not wanting to have a mess of computer and user accounts in one tree,  I added 
a ou for Computers under Users.  So now it looks like

	----- ou = Users
		------- ou = Computers

After making that addition and changing the smb.conf entry

ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers,ou=Users

and the smbldap.conf entry 


and lastly changing the search scope for nss_ldap by changing libnss-ldap.conf 
(debian)   (not 100% sure how each search scope works but this worked for me)

scope sub

And then just make sure that getent passwd is resolving all the way down the 
Computers branch by copying an account into there just to make sure.  If you 
see the account when you run getent passwd you should be ok.  Restart samba 

Many thanks to John H Terpstra for the excellent sidebar in Ch 5 of Samba3 by 
example stating the nss_ldap resolving issue.

Ryan Braun
(Now my new problem to follow in the next message :P )

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