[Samba] Adduser failing to accept 'username$'

Phil Dawson phil.dawson at gedys.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 08:18:29 GMT 2005

If you are using Redhat AS/ES then this is probably the same problem we 
had.  RedHat have been making changes to packages to be POSIX compliant. 
The problem you have is not SAMBA as such but programs it uses.  In your 
case it is useradd.  There now exists a fix for RedHat ES/AS v4.  We 
reported this problem to RedHat about three or so months ago and they 
reacted with impressive speed.  If you can't find the fix mail me off list 
and I'll hunt around on our systems for the RPM.


Casper Helenius <casper.helenius at dk.wilsonlog.com> 
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Geoff Scott <geoffs at guestshire.com>
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Re: [Samba] Adduser failing to accept 'username$'

Geoff Scott wrote:

>Casper Helenius wrote:
>>Hi group,
>>For some odd reason - most likely my current level of n00bness - my
>>useradd refuses to accept the $ in the machine name, when adding a
>>Windows machine to my Samba 3 installation. 
>>I'm running Red Hat linux with a newly compiled version of Samba
>What passdb backend are you using?
>Ldapsam tdbsam etc?
>Have you read through the Samba Guide in the documantation aprt of the 
>Regards Geoff Scott
I'm currently using tdbsam - and I hve my trusty Official Samba-3 guide 
by the hand.

I've now tried to add the machine to my linux box without the $ in the 
end of the name - and then adding the $ to my /etc/passwd file as well 
as adding my machine and my windows user to my Samba pass db, and it 
gets me a little further. (I think ..)

While trying to add my windows xp machine to the domain, I now get an 
"access denied" instead of "user not found" error. Looking through the 
logs have given me no clue whatsoever.

Any ideas to share, out there? :o)

Best regards,

Casper Helenius,

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