[Samba] Adduser failing to accept 'username$'

Casper Helenius casper.helenius at dk.wilsonlog.com
Wed Jun 15 07:45:14 GMT 2005

Geoff Scott wrote:

>Casper Helenius wrote:
>>Hi group,
>>For some odd reason - most likely my current level of n00bness - my
>>useradd refuses to accept the $ in the machine name, when adding a
>>Windows machine to my Samba 3 installation.  
>>I'm running Red Hat linux with a newly compiled version of Samba
>What passdb backend are you using?
>Ldapsam tdbsam etc?
>Have you read through the Samba Guide in the documantation aprt of the web
>Regards Geoff Scott
I'm currently using tdbsam - and I hve my trusty Official Samba-3 guide 
by the hand.

I've now tried to add the machine to my linux box without the $ in the 
end of the name - and then adding the $ to my /etc/passwd file as well 
as adding my machine and my windows user to my Samba pass db, and it 
gets me a little further. (I think ..)

While trying to add my windows xp machine to the domain, I now get an 
"access denied" instead of "user not found" error. Looking through the 
logs have given me no clue whatsoever.

Any ideas to share, out there? :o)

Best regards,

Casper Helenius,

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